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I had my first sewing lesson when I was 13.  Can’t say I enjoyed it; the teacher wanted me to make a dress with a gathered waist, sleeves, collar and buttonholes.  I didn’t even know how to thread the sewing machine!  I finished the dress, but never wore it!

It wasn’t until I was married and had our first daughter that I wanted to sew for her. That was when I purchased my first sewing machine.  Three more daughters followed, and although I had less time to sew, I seemed to be sewing more.  I took every sewing lesson I could, and with every class I felt more confident and enjoyed the process even more.

When I became an “empty-nester”, I went to work for a sewing machine dealership.  We offered beginning classes for both garment construction and home decorating.  The teacher told me that most of the students in her classes struggled for the first two to three lessons because they had little or no experience with the basics.  I was asked to design and teach a class for the “absolute beginner”. These classes were so successful, that I continued to teach them in my own home.

Quilting has been my passion for many years.  I love the whole process, and especially the look on the face of the person receiving a quilt that I’ve made.  The classes I offer cover all the basics and build from there.

Now that I am officially “retired” (and have nine grandchildren), I’m busier than ever, but doing what I love to do – and that includes sharing my love of sewing with others.