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When in doubt – check it out

Please – anyone reading this posting – go to your thread supply and check every spool to see if you purchased “hand quilting” thread to use in your sewing machine. Thread made for hand quilting has wax applied to the filament which will rub off between the tension disks in your machine.  WE ARE TALKING […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

That’s what sewing threads are.  When I first started sewing, I didn’t realize I was buying trouble when I purchased the “two for a dollar” special.  I thought I was being frugal and saving us money.    What I didn’t know was that “bargain brand”  I was buying would cause  problems with my machine, and would […]

Quilting Threads

I’ll bet most people think all threads are alike…………NOT!  There are too many kinds to mention here, but I especially wanted to explain the difference between the types of thread used most often for machine quilting.  You can use 100% cotton or all-purpose thread,  but what you CANNOT use is HAND QUILTING THREAD! It is […]