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A tisket, a tasket, get yourself a basket

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .to keep by your sewing machine.  If you’re like me, you tend to be a little “scattered” when concentrating on a sewing project.  I tend to put  scissors, pins, bobbins, etc. down on the nearest flat surface when I’m finished with them.  That of course makes for […]

Don’t be bored with the ironing board

As long as we’re talking about “pressing matters”, I should point out that the inexpensive ironing boards are  going to make your pressing and ironing more difficult.  These cheaper versions wobble and break easily.  So invest in a more sturdy board and a well-padded cover.  The height should be adjustable and if you add an […]

“Pressing Issues”: The ironing board

If you happen to be tall like me (5’9″), you probably just assume that everything should be adjusted to your height.  For 30 years or more I’ve had my ironing board in the highest position; I recently lowered it several inches and discovered that ironing (and pressing) was much easier than before.  Imagine that.

Pressing Matters

Any one who has taken my class will tell you that I am a “stickler” about pressing vs. ironing.  What is the difference?  Ironing is moving the iron back and forth over a garment; pressing is lifting and placing the iron across the sewn seam one section at a time.  If you want professional results […]

Bits and Pieces

For the next several days, I’ll be posting tidbits of sewing tips to save you time, $$$, and frustration with your sewing machine. When you’re tempted to blow the dust off your machine, think twice:  there’s moisture on your breath, and that moisture could rust the interior parts of the machine.  Bad idea!  Instead, use […]

Tip of the day

I love to sew, there’s no doubt about it.  This little icon will be included in my posts from now on to identify a special sewing hint or tip to save you time and $$$.  Hopefully it will make your sewing easier and more enjoyable.  I posted information about quilting threads yesterday; tomorrow I’ll probably […]