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The resurrection of the almighty iron

Did you know there is a difference between ironing and pressing?  Ironing is gliding the iron back and forth over a garment (or anything else iron-able)  Pressing  involves lifting the iron and pressing  (literally) with the iron on a seam, at times using steam to help “set” it. Several of my students haven’t owned an […]

The lost “art” of ironing

I have come to realize that the status of yesteryear’s iron has fallen among today’s generation.  I suppose it was inevitable; with the introduction of permanent-press and clothes dryers. You might say that I’m part of the “in-between” generation; I can remember vividly “wash day”, which before the advent of dryers involved hanging everything (everything) […]

Shopping for a Sewing Machine

There are a LOT of people out there who really want to learn to sew, but don’t know how to shop for a machine.  I’ve created another page unto itself, because there is a truckload of information to share.  (Check the tabs at the top of the page or in the column to the right.)  […]

Pins & Needles

This is my first official posting on my new website.  I’m a little overwhelmed, but looking forward to sharing my “bits and pieces” of sewing and quilting tips and stories with you.  I offer sewing lessons for the beginner in the Raleigh, NC area.  My goal is to build confidence in the beginner, while passing […]