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“Judy’s Absolute Beginner’s class was fantastic! I took a machine basics class at another sewing center in Raleigh which was very good, but Judy’s basics class was so much more detailed & thorough.  The class is informative and fun.  Judy gave us information that I, as a true beginner having never really sewed before, didn’t even think about but now realize is so important – such as, what thread to use & when or what type of needle to use.  What I liked most is that you get to make a project each class.  The projects are things you’d want to learn to make anyway & turned out beautifully. I’ve already given several as gifts to friends and family and still have requests! If you truly want to learn how to sew, Judy’s class is where you should start.”                                              Rachael R.
Judy, I am very excited to be able to attend the 3rd class on March 23rd! I’m looking forward to coming. I had the privilege of making some more tissue holders, 2 Christmas stockings, and a “taggie” ball for a friend’s baby shower gift. Overall I’m impressed with how everything turned out. I’m looking forward to learning more so that I can continue creating new things! Thank you for all you have taught me. I am glad to hear that you are slowly getting better and I am looking forward to seeing you in several weeks!   Take care, Suzanne
Hi Judy, 
I just wanted to express my thanks to you for holding the beginner sewing classes.  My mom actually purchased the classes for me (my Christmas present) and I really enjoyed all 3 classes and now have an appetite for more!  I will check your website from time to time to see if you have any other classes offered.  Thanks again.  Hopefully our paths will cross again…………Shea
Hi Judy,
I took your Absolute Beginner class last November, and I just wanted to send you a quick email update.  When I took your class, I knew how to sew a straight line and that was about it.  Even doing that generally required me to pull out the sewing machine manual to remember how to wind the bobbin.  The class made me feel more comfortable with a sewing machine and gave me more confidence to branch out and try new sewing projects.  Since your class last November, I have made a number of toddler dresses, baby blankets, and crayon rolls.  The projects I have completed are still very simple, but I am learning.  I made bias tape for some straps and have been adding buttons to items.  I am still a little intimidated by zippers :).  Anyway, I’m enjoying sewing and even got a machine that is capable of embroidery and applique as well, which I also enjoy.   Thanks!!………...Amanda


  1. Maria says:

    The absolute beginners class is AWESOME! It was exactly what I was looking for. I had received a sewing machine for Christmas and had never sewed anything before in my life. I learned everything I needed to know to start sewing from this class. From how to thread your machine to what fabric to buy and where to buy it. I would recommend this class to anyone and already have!

  2. Sandy says:

    I took the Absolute Beginners sewing class recently and now I am no longer intimidated by the sewing machine that I have owned for many years and never learned to use. Judy is so enthusiastic about sewing and sharing her knowledge with her students. I would definately recommend her class to anyone who wishes to learn the basics of sewing. I am looking forward to enjoying many years of sewing. Thanks so Much!!! Sandy

  3. Amy Brown says:

    I took the Absolute Beginner class this summer and cannot express how much I learned and enjoyed it. I have wanted to learn to sew for years but have not taken any classes since so many places either require you to own a machine or seem to want to make a sales pitch part of their instruction. I wanted a chance to try sewing out before I committed to buying a machine and Judy’s class offered me this opportunity. I am now the proud owner of a new machine and I feel I was able to make a more educated choice thanks to Judy’s class and advice.

    As for the class itself, I read that the student would leave each class having made something, but I sincerely doubted that I would be able to having never sat in front of a machine before. True to her word, I walked out that first day proudly having actually made something in addition to gaining an enormous amount of confidence in myself. The classes may be on the basics of sewing, but they are full of good information but don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed because you’re given enough information to take the next step with your abilities. Judy is so patient with each student and the classes are kept small so you get enough hands on help but also have enough room to actually do tasks yourself, so that you really get a handle on how to use your new skills. By the end of the third class, you have the basics down enough to go out there and start trying to sew without feeling too intimidated.

    I highly recommend this class- Judy is both a talented and knowledgeable person but also a wonderful teacher. I am so happy I took this class!!

  4. Jarrett says:

    I have been meaning to do this for a few weeks now and just haven’t had the time. I can’t say enough good things about the absolute beginners class I took with Judy. I felt completely at ease with her teaching method.

    On the first day she welcomed us all into her beautiful home with a smile and a great introduction about herself. The first class was focused mainly on our machines and the detail of all the features was so enlightening. I walked away from that first class with the knowledge I needed to master the in’s and out’s of my machine and even made something fun to take with me.

    Over the course schedule I became more and more comfortable with sewing and Judy was right there the whole way to make sure I did. Whether it was showing me easy and quick tips on “how to” or actually showing us the steps herself she was always there to help.

    I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in starting to learn you won’t regret it.

  5. Julie says:

    Thank you, Judy, for a great beginners class. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know! You are a wealth of information! The class size of 4 was perfect, plenty of individual attention. I felt a great sense of accomplishment after each class. So excited to sew my first project on my own.

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