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Grandmothers who sew

We’re softies – we can’t help it.  I have eight grandchildren and can’t resist sewing for them.  I have a lengthy list of projects, some of which have deadlines, but they take a back seat when it comes to making something for my kidlets.  Spontaneity or procrastination – I can’t decide which – but it’s gratifying to simply sit down with an idea, and make it happen.

While helping with my daughter’s laundry a couple days ago, I noticed that the crib sheets were beginning to show their age.  Since my fabric stash rivals that of JoAnns, I found a 6 yard piece of light blue cotton knit.  Out came the pattern and elastic, and within an hour I had finished the first of 3 sheets.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy!


  1. Karen says:

    And you were even able to put a nice serged hem on Addie’s dress! Mom… always coming through in a pinch. 😉

  2. Mom says:

    This is what you would call a “dumb addendum”. For anyone who may think that someone who has been sewing for 40 + years never makes a stupid mistake, listen up!

    In my haste to sew the other two crib sheets, I cut the square from the corner of the fold, rather than the edges. (One crib sheet ruined.) I measured the second and sewed the fold-over elastic all around – a tedious job to say the least – and then realized that I had cut the length OK, but forgot to cut the width down. (At least I can re-cut this one.)

    Maybe I shouldn’t have an exciting program playing on television while I’m sewing.

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