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It’s a “guy” thing

What is it about taking things apart and putting them back together that fascinates the male sex?  Today I was trying to clean and oil my classroom machines, and found threads that were lodged so tightly in the workings of one that I couldn’t even reach them.  Obviously it wasn’t stitching well, so I called my husband for help.  The next thing I knew, I had a naked sewing machine on my kitchen table!  He found a way to remove both the front and back panels;  located the thread jam and cleared it, and reassembled the whole thing.  (My hero!)

This was no easy task, I assure you.  A word of caution to any husband reading this and thinking of doing the same: if you bought your wife a new machine and you do what my husband did, you have just voided the warranty.

One thing I’ve always wondered about:  why is there always a screw left after you guys put things back together?

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