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Most of us have childhood memories involving our mother or grandmother and sewing.  One of my favorite memories was the Christmas my mother presented my sister and me with beautiful clothes she had sewn for our dolls.

She was an OR nurse, and was “on call” every Wednesday; which meant that she had a full shift from 3 to 11 p.m., and then stayed overnight in the nurses’ dormitory in case of an emergency.   Whether she worked through the night or not, she was on duty the next day at 7 am. and worked till 3 p.m.  When things were “slow” at the hospital, she stayed up for hours after her shift and worked at the sewing machine in the dorm, in order to surprise us at Christmas.

I just learned on our last visit together that she felt guilty not being able to buy us a new doll that year, and that’s why she made doll clothes instead.  I told her that that was the best Christmas I could remember!  She made a matching wool coat and hat with small flowers on the ribbon ties; a beautiful gold evening gown with an overlay and sequins, and a ballerina costume for my doll.  That’s all that I can remember, but I’m sure there was more; they are stored away in her basement; I haven’t seen them in over 40 years!

I look forward to sewing doll clothes for my two granddaughters; I hope they will cherish them as much as I did.  I hope that some of you will reply to this post with memories of your own; I know there are many.

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