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Quilting Threads

I’ll bet most people think all threads are alike…………NOT!  There are too many kinds to mention here, but I especially wanted to explain the difference between the types of thread used most often for machine quilting.  You can use 100% cotton or all-purpose thread,  but what you CANNOT use is HAND QUILTING THREAD! It is coated with a wax that will gum up the tension disks in your machine.  We are talking  SERIOUS REPAIR BILLS here!

Store displays have designated bins for different types of threads, but sometimes it’s not very clear what you’re getting.   Be sure to read the label at the end of the spool.  Note: some companies identify their quilting threads by the spool color; they simply cannot print all the relevant  information in 10 different languages on that tiny spool.  Now how are you supposed to remember that the Gutermann hand quilting thread spool is PINK?

Tomorrow:  More on threads – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Shopping for a Sewing Machine

There are a LOT of people out there who really want to learn to sew, but don’t know how to shop for a machine.  I’ve created another page unto itself, because there is a truckload of information to share.  (Check the tabs at the top of the page or in the column to the right.)  Comments or questions (above) are welcome.

Sock it to me….

Last night I darned my husband’s sports socks……….on the sewing machine!  I had been throwing them in my mending basket, (which is just a temporary stop-over before they’re thrown out),  but they crawled over the side and demanded my attention.  My machine converts to free-arm mode;  I stretched the sock on as far as I could, set my utility stitch menu to “darn” and held my breath………….brand new socks!


From time to time I’d like to offer a one-day class on a simple project.  I have ideas of my own (aprons, placemats, tote bags, etc.) but I would like to know what you’re interested in.  You can send your suggestion by clicking on the “comments” bar above.

Designer Pillowcases

We had a great time today in our Mother/Daughter class making one-of-a-kind designer pillowcases (with french seams, no less).  They can hardly wait to get to the store to buy more fabric. Next week it’s tote bags!

Tribute to Dad

Have to take a minute and wish my husband, John,  a Happy Grandfather’s Day!  Since he retired a few years ago, he’s taken up cooking and all I have to do is the dishes!  ( Eat your heart out, ladies.)  Of course, while he’s in the kitchen, I’m in my sewing room.  Today I presented him with his very own quilt/tablecloth with all kinds of food-printed fabric, and special sentiments as part of the patchwork.  One of patches reads:  “She quilts – I cook”!

My Webmaster

Isn’t she doing a great job?  Linda is  my younger sister, and builds websites for those who want something special.  If you or a friend would like to see more of what she can do for you, click on “my webmaster” on the right column.

Pins & Needles

This is my first official posting on my new website.  I’m a little overwhelmed, but looking forward to sharing my “bits and pieces” of sewing and quilting tips and stories with you.  I offer sewing lessons for the beginner in the Raleigh, NC area.  My goal is to build confidence in the beginner, while passing on a tradition,  and making it simple to sew.