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The good, the bad and the ugly

That’s what sewing threads are.  When I first started sewing, I didn’t realize I was buying trouble when I purchased the “two for a dollar” special.  I thought I was being frugal and saving us money.    What I didn’t know was that “bargain brand”  I was buying would cause  problems with my machine, and would pucker and shred as I sewed.

If you hold a strand of inferior thread up to the light, you’ll notice fuzz and bumps over most of the strand.  This will cause lint to build up in your machine.  High quality thread is smooth with little or no fuzz.  When you use the good stuff, your machine will sew more smoothly and give you better results.

If you have thread that has been around for years (maybe it was “passed down” to you), know that over time it could rot.  To check the strength of the thread, take a strand and wrap it around your index finger on each hand.  If it breaks easily when you pull it apart, throw it out.

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