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The lost “art” of ironing

I have come to realize that the status of yesteryear’s iron has fallen among today’s generation.  I suppose it was inevitable; with the introduction of permanent-press and clothes dryers.

You might say that I’m part of the “in-between” generation; I can remember vividly “wash day”, which before the advent of dryers involved hanging everything (everything) out on a clothes line.  That was usually on Monday (wash day); Tuesday was the dreaded IRONING DAY.  I can’t remember what the other days of the week were for, because the ironing was never really finished.  We would even sprinkle water on the more difficult pieces, roll them up, and designate them for “later”  Then the trick would be to get to the “dampened” ironing before it mildewed.

I even learned to iron a sheet without letting it touch the floor.  I would challenge anyone today to accomplish that trick.   (I think I can still do that – but why should I?)

Tomorrow:  the resurrection of the almighty iron

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