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The resurrection of the almighty iron

Did you know there is a difference between ironing and pressing?  Ironing is gliding the iron back and forth over a garment (or anything else iron-able)  Pressing  involves lifting the iron and pressing  (literally) with the iron on a seam, at times using steam to help “set” it.

Several of my students haven’t owned an iron; but I’ve convinced them (I think) that if they want their sewing projects to look professional, pressing with a good iron is a must.   If you need to go shopping for one, make sure it has plenty of steam vents and will produce lots of steam (check the water-fill line to see how much it will hold).  A good feature is a tough no-scratch soleplate, and a feature I wouldn’t be without is an automatic shut-off.

A good iron is an investment.  I owned a $10 iron for 20 years, but I had to refill it every 10 minutes if I wanted a burst of steam; once I convinced myself that I needed a Rowenta brand, I couldn’t believe the difference.   My husband has always said “you get what you pay for” and with the more expensive Rowenta brand, I got a lot.

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