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When in doubt – check it out

Please – anyone reading this posting – go to your thread supply and check every spool to see if you purchased “hand quilting” thread to use in your sewing machine.

Thread made for hand quilting has wax applied to the filament which will rub off between the tension disks in your machine.  WE ARE TALKING MAJOR REPAIR BILLS HERE!

Because I am coordinator of a prayer blanket ministry in our church, I get donations of fabric and thread.  I keep it all in a box and use it for our sewing circle.  Well, I’ve learned my lesson, I discovered that I had put hand quilting thread in my own machine and was stitching with it.  Fortunately I discovered it after only a few minutes and there was no damage.

When I checked all the spools, there were NINE of hand quilting thread in the box!  Yikes!

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